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I can remember talking to Robyn about competing in the Arnold on the "Big Stage" an asked her did she believe the it was possible for an amateur RAW powerlifter to be able to make the switch to equipped and compete at the Elite level. Without hesitation she said "YES!" and began to explain the Fusion Principals and how I can apply them to get me where I needed to be mentally and physically. After that I became intrigued and met with Shawn to begin my quest to compete in the 2013 Arnold Classic International Powerlifting Competition.

My first session with Shawn is one I won't soon forget. I didn't realize how out of shape I truly was until after that day. I remember sitting in a chair, eating gummy bears and drinking Gatoraid as Shawn and Robyn wathced over me. At that moment I knew this was for me and exactly what I needed to compete at the level I wanted to be at.

The only thing I can compare Shawn to is a "Brain Surgeon". The way he disected my body and found the weaknesses and designed a program to get those areas on he fast track to where they had to be. He analyzed every aspect of my technique and began the process of perfecting the flaws I had. He has an incredible ability to push at just the right time to make you better with every rep you do.

The only way I can describe the experience, is that scientists have finally come up with a machine that's able to look inside your body, find the areas that need help, design movements to bring them to their optimal level, and make your body fire on all cylinders to bring you to your maximum potentiontial....and that machine is Shawn Nutter and his Fusion Training System.


I’ve been weight training for 15 years. I began at the YMCA taking aerobic classes, and using the cardio equipment. I found the weight machines and free weights intimidating so I hired a personal trainer who encouraged me to sign up for the body for lifechallenge. I don’t remember the exact amount of weight and inches lost but I do remember I was able to achieve 12% body fat. It was an amazing 12 week transformation!

Life happens and I gained the weight back and more.

Three years ago I started working out at the Power Shack. I hit an all time high, weighing 213lbs at 5’8”. I was able to lose 53lbs on my own. A year later I became an employee at the Power Shack and started training with Shawn intermittently.

Again life, a series of events happened and I gained back 26lbs. It was getting harder and harder to achieve what I’d lost 10 years ago.

The older I get, the harder it gets. I'm approaching 44 this August and have a 25th year high school reunion I'd like to attend this July. Everything I know how to do wasn't cutting it. I decided I had enough and committed myself to training with Shawn, 3 days a week for the entire year of 2012. Since December 30, 2011-March 3, 2012 I’ve lost 16lbs, a total of 7 inches, and 10.2% body fat. The year isn't even half over and I'm seeing incredible results! Wait till you see the rest of the year’s monthly progress pictures!

I have many weight training and cook books at home. I collect every note worthy exercise and recipe article ever created. It’s rare I come across something original.

Shawn’s an amazing trainer because I’ve discovered so many new exercises I didn’t know existed and fresh ways of mixing things up. I love to hate doing circuits with him in the all purpose room, which I call the “Uh-O-room”. I find the sled a thrilling challenge and am a huge fan of TRX training. I don’t have to think, I just have to do till there’s nothing left and Shawn knows exactly what I’m capable of and pushes me accordingly. Even so he’s constantly checking to see if I’m okay. He’s spot on nutrition and supplementation and both he and Robyn are such wonderful motivators! He’s been super great training my almost 17 year old daughter and has played a key role in her emotional development; her self confidence now is remarkable.

Watching Robyn prepare for events is truly inspirational. I know she’s going to make an excellent trainer too. You can tell she’s really enjoying herself, I hear her laughter throughout the gym. It’s a privilege to know both of them as friends, co workers and clients.

Thank you so much Shawn, YOU ROCK!


Greg Haggit


I’ve been training since I was 18 yrs. old and competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting when I was younger. I had been back training for a couple of years pretty seriously. A lot has changed in training over the years and even though I have made decent gains, I had hit a plateau. Its hard to really train and breakout of old habits that worked way back when. At 52 years old I can’t train like a I used to in my 20’s anymore.

I met Shawn one day in the gym and we began talking on regular basis. I was asking a lot of questions and Shawn had all the answers on training in general. So I began working with Shawn and he designed a bench press program which incorporated exercises to address my particular weaknesses. Wow, what a difference! I noticed right away my strength increased in all my exercises he had in my program.

 One thing about Shawn is he can detect what is impeding your progress and then tell you how to correct it. I have made so much progress that I have continued to have Shawn design every program I use. I started out benching 330 for 1 rep 8 months ago and now am on my way to benching in the mid 400 range. I owe every bit of my success to Shawn Nutter at Fusion Training Systems.


I was a typical 31 year old guy hitting the gym five days a week for an hour and half each day but not seeing results, just maintaining what I had. I almost throw in the towel on working out, just got tired of not seeing results until I had a consultation with Shawn Nutter owner of Fusion Training System.

First thing Shawn did was to find out what my goals where, what my current workout looked like and my diet and by the end of our consultation Shawn had pointed out that I was over training and had adjusted my diet to maximize my growth and assured me that I would hit my goal.

Throughout my three months of utilizing Shawn’s Fusion Training System, Shawn has kept a log of each training session to ensure that I surpassed each previous record and to ensure that each training session varied from the previous one.

Shawn reassessed my diet and continues to change it as needed to maximize my growth potential and most importantly Shawn makes sure each training session is all about me and challenges me to push myself by using positive reinforcement making me feel that I did all of the work. In my three months working out with Shawn I have gained twenty pounds and lost two sizes in my waist and have had tremendous gains in size and strength and continue to gain every week.

For the first time I look forward to going to the gym to see what new exercise I will be doing, what new PR I will hit and to continue to get closer to my goal then surpass it! Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge from being a bodybuilder, power lifter, and strong man and utilizes all of his knowledge and positive reinforcement to ensure that his clients hit and surpass their goals and feel great doing it.

I would recommend Shawn Nutter’s Fusion Training System to anyone of any age that wants to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, gain strength, be in a power lifting show, or bodybuilding show.


Scott Czerniak

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